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I'm an explorer, a creator and a collector of experiences. My primary focus is nature and through my work I extensively research and study plants in their various stages of life.

This lead to the birth of H.O.R. - House of Rolfe - where I am developing ways of sustainable living through study of ecosystems and plants.

I grow, cultivate and draw. I document through photography when foraging in the woods and now, that has transpired into portrait work, having spent more time in cities. 

My work is like breathing, I'm captivated by the structure of plants and their connection to the rest of their environment. 


I grew up believing in fairies, dancing as a fairy in numerous ballet concerts, hiking through forests and drawing. Really nothing has changed since I was a little'n, but in between all of that I've studied yoga and meditation, travelled through India a couple of times, studied at The University of Arts London and of course, had my fair share of really, odd jobs.

I now work full time as a floral artist. I design concepts for new ways of seeing and presenting flora. I believe that botanical illustration needs an update. 

I grew up in Tasmania, Australia and am truly wild at heart. I am now based in London and regularly travel when I feel the need for a nourishing dose of greenery.

Capture. Create. Release. Repeat.

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